He Jumped Up!

Acts 3-8

I. Love. This.

This man had been crippled since birth. That is a very long time. Yet upon his healing, he jumped to his feet.

Jumped to his feet. By the power of the Holy Spirit, this man jumped up. 

Why am I so amazed by this? Because he was over 40 years old when they healed him according to Acts 4:22. And when you’ve done nothing for over 40 years, your muscles atrophy and you have no coordination. You can’t stand without assistance and usually have to gradually work yourself into walking.

Yet he jumped up.

Peter healed this lame man so that he could spend the next 40 years walking. But the power of God didn’t just heal him going forward, He healed him going backward. All of the muscle decay and lack of coordination was healed instantly. The healing gave him a future with walking but also restored his legs instantly.

I find this absolutely outstanding.

Some of you have been sitting for a long period of time and it’s time for you to jump up. Jump up toward your destiny and see how God wants to use you in this broken and bruised world. 

2 thoughts on “He Jumped Up!

  1. Yes, I am learning that Christ has already provided the healing. We just have to accept it and “jump up”!

  2. Funny I should read this today. I’m in a season of resting healing after a serious emergency surgery. Praising God for life and giving me a second chance at living. I almost died from a serious infection that nothing seemed to help it no earthly medicine. Resting in Him and feeling very humble at His feet. Praise God for His healing.

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