L&LI Re:treat Recap

My first trip to Vegas (for our Leading and Loving It Re:treat) was surprisingly wonderful. I knew the retreat would be outstanding but just had no idea if I would enjoy Vegas. Not because I didn’t think it would be but because it’s Vegas. Sin City. Entertainment Capital of the world. City of Lights. But I loved it! Some of it was a bit off color for my taste, but that’s fine. I may or may not have mentioned a topless woman in one of my sessions at re:treat. My eyes may have seen a thing or 20 that I don’t see in Oklahoma. But that’s not all you find in Vegas. You find amazing people like Jud and Lori Wilhite, amazing churches like Central Christian Church, amazing restaurants with mechanical bulls and amazing cupcake shops with one of the best Red Velvet cupcakes I ever have shoved down my throat. Glory. Enough of that. I wrote this post to show you some pictures. Oh, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

AirplaneFlying into Vegas

Slot MachinesFirst slot machine sighting in the airport

High RollerHigh Roller!

FlamingoView of the Flamingo from 550 feet in the air on the High Roller!

Lori SharingLori sharing about her church with the mechanical bull operator 🙂

Brandi meSeesawing with Brandi Wilson

Trisha meTrisha Davis and me amazed – our first visit to Vegas!

Linda Jenni MeLinda Seidler, Jenni Clayville and me

Women WorshippingThe women worshipping! Amazing!

HosannaHosanna Poetry – spoken word – she is the real deal!

KerriKerri Weems – FABULOUS!

TaraDr. Tara Jenkins – Don’t Make Me Get My Belt!

Steph meVisiting with longtime L&LI friend, Steph Thomason! Me StageMe speaking from stage

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