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It truly is one of my greatest honors to be a part of I consider it a privilege and gift to get to serve under Craig and Amy Groeschel. As many of you know, my husband is the Campus Pastor of our Oklahoma City location. This past week our entire staff and their spouses came together to attend our annual Family Reunion. It truly is amazing. Not only did we get to hear from Christine Caine (I know!) but also from our Directional Leadership Team. These five men (below) lead our church effectively and humbly and have served together for 13+ years. Some of them have been together longer than that! FR 2

(From left to right: Kevin Penry, Sam Roberts, Bobby Gruenewald, Jerry Hurley and Craig Groeschel.)

There was so much wisdom from these men that I’d like to share one piece of advice with you and even expound on it for a bit. Ready to gain insight? Let’s boogie. 1. Failures are productive. -Kevin Penry My thoughts: We will all make mistakes and fail at something. Why not let it be a springboard to progress instead of a setback toward complacency? Kevin’s point is that our failures will show us what not to do next time. Failure is an excellent teacher. 2. We hardly ever plan a future that expects our capacity to increase. -Bobby Gruenewald My thoughts: Dang. That one bruised my toes. But Bobby is right. How often do we live with an expectation for our character and capacity to grow? How often to we “reach for the stars”? We typically don’t want to “bet the farm” and “go all in” for fear of failure. (Refer to #1). 3. Don’t ever make a policy when a simple, uncomfortable conversation will do the trick. -Jerry Hurley My thoughts: We do this all the time, don’t we? We run from uncomfortable conversations and instead just make a blanket statement about some issue in hopes that the 2% of the people who are messing it up will catch on. But y’all, they don’t. They just don’t. Have the conversation. It will not be easy and you may break out into a man-sweat (sorry guys) but it is the best course of action. 4. It’s not always what you do but who you are. -Sam Roberts My thoughts: This is a powerful statement for those in leadership roles. And if you are a person who is leading anyone…your career, your children, your friends…then you can apply this. I know for me as a pastor’s wife, sometimes just walking into a room at church is all I need to do. Not because of my stylish fashion sense, no no, because of what I represent to them. I also have seen this with my sons during storms. I’m not necessarily doing anything but my presence alone brings them security.  5. Be honest about where you are vulnerable. Nobody trips into righteousness. -Craig Groeschel My thoughts: Wise people know they have weaknesses. Ignorant people think they don’t. Be authentic by sharing those weaknesses with trusted people. Allow people into your life to help you. And then seek God with your whole heart because godliness does not just happen. We have to want it. I would like to challenge you to think about the statements above and allow God to show you how you can learn from them and what adjustments He wants you to make as you continue on your Christ-following journey.

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