The Proverbs 31 Woman Would Have Vacuumed Her Pool

pool girlI haven’t always enjoyed vacuuming the swimming pool. And I don’t always do it. My husband does it better than me, but when he’s busy, I do it. Or when he’s tired and I want to bless him, I do it. But I don’t mind it actually. It’s actually therapeutic for me to see the bottom of the pool clean because I did it. And I’m pretty sure the Proverbs 31 woman would have not hired a pool boy to do her vacuuming. Not that I’m comparing myself to her by any means, but seriously, think about it. Not only is she worth far more than rubies, but her husband has full confidence in her. And y’all, every single day she brings him good. Not a single bit of harm on any day of the week. Like not even when she has PMS or her when her iPhone falls in the toilet or when she leaves for a dinner and her tire is flat. In addition to being pretty much spot on emotionally and relationally, she also did practical things that many of us do every day. She was a:
  • Handyman (v. 13)
  • Chef (v. 15)
  • Realtor (v. 16)
  • Winemaker (v. 16)
  • Weight lifter (v. 17)
  • Negotiator (v. 18)
  • Seamstress (v. 19)
  • Humanitarian (v. 20)
  • Decorator (v. 22)
  • Fashion designer (v. 22)
  • Saleswoman (v. 24)
  • Comedian (v. 25)
  • Counselor (v. 26)
  • Manager (v. 27)
  • Hard worker (v. 27)
  • Great mother (v. 28)
  • Cherished wife (v. 28)
That’s quite a woman. Like basically this lady could easily sing “I’m Every Woman” just like Whitney Houston did. So, I stand by my statement above. I think she would have vacuumed her own swimming pool. (Because y’all know she would have had one with all the stuff she did for her man and her children and the townspeople. Oh yes she would.) At least that’s how I see it.  

2 thoughts on “The Proverbs 31 Woman Would Have Vacuumed Her Pool

  1. Great post. I agree. My guess is she would have vacuumed the pool and cleaned the bus and frogs (and Lord knows what else all that stuff is) from the filter. 🙂

  2. Good post. I was not very good at pool cleaning either especially when snakes and mice were in the filter. I love the proverbs 31 women.

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