Sit Still

I was so excited about June 26, 2014. So excited. june 26   At approximately 8:30 that glorious morning I was expecting to hear the following words: “You’re good to go!” Those words were going to come from the lips of my orthopedic surgeon and they were going to bring me freedom from a near 10-week sabbatical from doing anything worthwhile with my right leg due to a very severe stress fracture in my ankle. (From the half marathon training I did for nearly 4 months that I did not get to participate in.) (Over. It.) Instead, two nights before on June 24, 2014, I decided to be a domestic goddess and vacuum my floors. No big deal. I can walk so vacuuming should not be an issue. Clearly it was. broken foot See that little metatarsal on the far left side of my foot with the crack in it? That’s what  I did while I was vacuuming my house. Not. Joking. Not. Joking. Not. Joking. Who does this? I mean, who in the world breaks another bone in the opposite foot while there is a fractured bone in the other foot? Who? Who? Who? (Hand raised.) So that doctor’s appt. I had scheduled on June 26th did release me from my stress fracture injury but also set up the whole process again because of my broken 5th metatarsal. And this is what I will be wearing for six weeks. shoe Want to borrow? I won’t lie and say that I’m not disappointed. It was a bit of a blow to know that I will be down a while longer. I don’t like being down and sitting still too much. I have things to do. People to see. Places to go. But, I will just have to do them sitting down. I know God will show me great things during this new trial. He will allow me to grow in areas where I need to grow but maybe didn’t know it.  And who knows, maybe all of this sitting still will allow my heart and mind to sit still so that I can clearly hear God’s voice when He speaks to my spirit. Oh, one last thing. If you do the vacuuming in your home, tell your spouse that it’s dangerous and you can no longer do it. You’re welcome.  

2 thoughts on “Sit Still

  1. You have marvelous taste in footwear. I hope it heals good!! As always you are in my prayers.

    On May 4th I broke my ankle. I had surgery May 12th. I was on crutches until July 9th. I am still in a walking boot. I had gut wrenching fear all time about hurting myself while injured.

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