Book Review: Connecting Church & Home by Dr. Tim Kimmel

I had the opportunity to review a book recently by a well-known author in the church world. The book is called Connecting Church & Home by Dr. Tim Kimmel. His wisdom oozes from the pages. Dr. Kimmel is the founder of Family Matters. They develop resources for families and churches to help them handle and confront the issues that most people face today.  As a pastor’s wife and woman in ministry, I appreciate how Dr. Kimmel helps families understand their role in raising children to know God. Oftentimes, people, even Christians, think it’s the church’s job to do that. While the church is here to assist, they are your kids, my kids and the training is up to us as parents. Thankfully, Dr. Kimmel shares how there can be a partnership. But make no mistake about it, it’s not the church’s job to raise our kids. It’s ours.  One of the things that jumped out at me in this book is the foundation we need to build for our children before we can ever see them truly fly. It looks at little something like this:

Greatness (Aim them at true greatness: Humble, grateful, generous, serving) 

Character (Build character: Faith, integrity, poise, disciplines, endurance, courage) 

Freedoms (Freedom to be different, vulnerable, candid and to make mistakes) 

Inner Needs (Security, significance, strength, love, purpose, hope) 

Dr. Kimmel says that inner need #1 is security. He states that we should instill in our children’s hearts a secure love and that we do this by accepting them the way God made them (body, IQ, mannerisms, etc.), by making sure our homes and churches are loving and honoring environments and by being demonstrative to them and showing affection. I feel that my husband and I have done a great job with this. However, we can’t say that we’ve done enough. Although my teenager would rather me not hug him, I can still provide a level of security with him by accepting him the way he is. My 9-year old, on the other hand, wants my affection. So, the way I parent him is different. He’ll hug me til the day he dies. If I get a hug from my teenager, I will tattoo the date on my arm. Oh, I’m teasing. I’d put it on my forehead. I think you will get so much wisdom, advice and even courage from reading this book. You should also check out the other books Dr. Kimmel has written. You can find them here: Books by Dr. Kimmel. There is also a conference called D6 Family that is held in two different cities this year: Dallas and Louisville. Check it out here: D6 Family Conference.

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  1. Thanks for the review of Connecting Church & Home as well as mentioning the D6 Conference. Blessings to you and your family. Hope to have you join us at D6 sometime.

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