Family Talk Radio – 2.15.13

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to record an interview for Family Talk Radio with Dr. James Dobson. His son, Ryan, hosted the show and it airs tomorrow – February 15, 2013! You can listen to it on the radio by finding a station here. You can listen to it on XM radio at 7pm CST on channel 166. Or  you can listen to it at a later date on Dr. Dobson’s website by going here. I pray you are blessed by our story once again!

4 thoughts on “Family Talk Radio – 2.15.13

  1. Hi, Cindy. I heard the interview yesterday and floods of heartbroken memories went through me. Our 10th wedding aniversary was September 20th 2012 and still in my spirit I feel that my husband has not been dilivered from this addiction. I discovered his addiction after we’ve been married a year and on and off throughout the years. There has had no accountability with the church Pastor or elders and no consequencies. I have left the church but he still continues going and is envolved in the bus mininsty.I have had no couarge to walkout as you did to my parents, I give a plus on your descision and how things have workout inbetween.

  2. I seek God daily, He’s my anchor and provider in all my needs. Blessings in your marraige and ministry!

  3. As always I love your story both of you Chris for his openness and vulnerability to do whatever he needed to make his marriage work and for you Cindy to endure such a blow to your marriage to find that word God wanted you to have so you would know what you were suppose to do. When my marriage was almost on the brink of ending I thought that’s it I’m leaving but like you it would have been easier if my husband was a jerk but I married Mr. Nice guy. Divorce is rampant in our society and it’s too easy to just go. I have had strong people in my life tell me I need to stay married I made that commitment. I cannot imagine that pain of infidelity although I have committed the same through my addiction so it’s hard and humbling to admit you cannot do it by yourself. Chris you are right, it’s impossible to do it alone that is what got us in this problem to start with.
    Your story encourages me no matter how many times I hear it. It encourages me to be more open about my story and to help others for me women who are caught in pornography. We both know it’s a problem growing rapidly in our churches. Keep sharing your story and loved how the women brought your book and decided to stay in the marriage, it’s so hard to stay but God has healed many marriages and hard work is what it takes.
    Love you 🙂

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