Beyond Ordinary – Justin & Trisha Davis

As a published author, I get the privilege of reviewing books before they are published.  Some of them I truly enjoy, others I do not. But this one. Wow. This one? I absolutely loved. Introducing Beyond Ordinary by Justin and Trisha Davis. Maybe it’s because I personally know Justin and Trisha Davis. Maybe it’s because I happen to be a sucker for a story of redemption. Or maybe it’s because the book is completely amazing, outstanding, fabulous and wonderful. In fact, my endorsement of their book is on the inside cover and it goes a little something like this:
Beyond Ordinary is the best marriage book I’ve ever read! Justin and Trisha not only share their heartbreaking yet redemptive story, but they explain how they landed in an ordinary marriage full of devastation. They share godly wisdom and practical advice that will benefit all marriages. Today, their marriage resume has betrayal listed on it, but you’d never know it. They have leaned into their Heavenly Father and allowed, even begged Him to take their once mediocre, deficient marriage and not only give them a new, improved, extraordinary marriage, but help you have one, too. And you will, if you read this book.
Marriage books are everywhere and people usually try to find them when their marriages are falling apart. Justin and Trisha’s marriage was hanging on by a very torn and tattered thread once. And they don’t want yours to get that way. Ever. So they wrote a book to help. And does it ever. If you are in a good marriage, read this book so that you will keep fighting for a healthy marriage. If your marriage is falling apart, read this book so that you will know you’re not alone and that there is hope. If you are someone whose marriage has ended, read this book so that you’ll be prepared should God bring someone else into your life. Read this book! Trust me, no one is above marriage issues. We all will have them or have had them. You will gain insight, inspiration and hope for your marriage by reading this book. Justin and Trisha do marriage conferences all over the country. They also provide marriage coaching and mentoring. You can check out their ministry at To order Beyond Ordinary, click HERE

3 thoughts on “Beyond Ordinary – Justin & Trisha Davis

  1. I’m on chapter 4 of this book and so loving it and seeing the same ordinary things that were and have happened in my own marriage. Funny I guess none of us imagine we will ever have an ordinary marriage. It’s been so great hearing all their interviews and seeing how many people promoted them on their blogs. I pray people will see hope and be encouraged by this book. It’s amazing how many people are fighting back for their marriages. God is indeed good. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Cindy for your endorsement of our book and your encouragement and support all along the way.

    Thank you Sarah for being a huge cheerleader for us and for reading our book! Praying God uses it for years to come.

  3. Cindy, your review of this book could not have come at a better time. Truly. Holy Spirit timing.
    Thank you.

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