Restrictions Bring Comfort

I’d been waiting for yesterday’s appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon for three weeks. I wasn’t expecting to walk again anytime soon but I was hoping, praying that maybe, just maybe I’d be able to take this thing off my foot when I sleep. “You don’t have to sleep in your boot anymore, Cindy,” came his reply. I could have kissed him but that would have been way inappropriate and I would have had to “do some splainin'” to my husband. Relief spilled over me like the falls at Niagara. Finally, I thought, finally I will sleep better. But that was last night and I didn’t really sleep better.  It was a little strange sleeping with my still fractured fibula unprotected. I turned it a couple of times and felt a little pain through the night. I found that I had actually gotten used to the big boot. It’s funny how that works. What restricts you also gives you comfort and support. There are a lot of restrictions in life, aren’t there? But, if you sit and think about it, most restrictions are just to keep you safe.  I’m curious if you have felt the same way before. What have you been restricted from only to find it was protecting you and possibly even giving you healing and life?

6 thoughts on “Restrictions Bring Comfort

  1. Hey Cindy…I sat by you at the LL&I leader dinner this year. Have been keeping up with your recovery and praying! I’ve been home recovering from some surgery where, for the 2nd time while in a surgery, a doctor made a mistake in what should’ve been a routine procedure. As a result, I’ve been forced to be more restricted from getting back to the everyday routine of life. I think we long for a break sometimes, but when you get more of a break than you asked for,just going along with that comes a range of emotions. From just plain feeling bad, to sometimes feeling angry, I’ve found myself having to focus a little harder to hear God and what He wants to specifically speak during this time. I’m reminded He knows us so well. He knows when I feel like crap and can’t even force myself to pray, and along comes a friend to pray for you, or love your family through a meal. When I have felt down, He has pointed me to just the RIGHT place in His word to comfort me. It’s funny, but during this time, I know He’s protected me from MYSELF and all of my “I wanna act out and think in the flesh”. Instead, He’s walked through it w/ me, let me be angry and brought just what I need at just the right time. Sometimes, for me, it’s just been a matter of saying it’s OK to stop and give us the time we need to load up on His goodness to us, arming us for whatever lies ahead in our next season of life. Sorry for the lengthy comment. I’m a lot of things, but being brief isn’t always one of them. 😉 Feel better soon, Cindy. I appreciate you!

  2. Seven and a half weeks ago, I slipped on the grass outside, in the dark, and broke one of the wrists that the doctors fused together fifty years ago. The first week they had a wrapped splint on it, waiting for the swelling to go down. At the end of that week, they exrayed again and put a cast on it. After three weeks, I went back , they exrayed again and they said I could wear a splint that I can remove on my own (one of those Velcro kind) . The doctor said because the bones were so fragile, I would assume from the surgery fifty years ago, that this healing process needed to be slow and steady. I was grateful for the Velcro splint….I can take it off, try to use my hand for light activity, no lifting but enough to try and get the swelling to go down…yes, after seven weeks the fingers are still swollen….two nights ago, I said to hubby that I was going to try going to bed w/o the splint on…..after a few moments in bed….it didn’t feel right, I didn’t feel safe w/o it on….got up, put it on…hubby questioned me…I said I just didn’t feel safe w/o it on…the next morning I awoke to my arm being in a position that if I hadn’t had it on I surely would have caused a set back and had been in a lot of pain. So, I am grateful for my splint but I will be very happy when I don’t have to determine my wardrobe by what will fit over the splint! Happy healing Cindy!

  3. It’s funny I was reading your post about dying to get off your boot and when you finally could get it off at night your so excited I knew before I read your next line you’d not sleep better, because now your ankle can move and twist and be worse sometimes. Yes it’s funny how we balk at things good for us and help heal and protect. I have experienced this many times. We think we know better but we don’t and it can actually hurt us. Keep up the good work on that ankle, soon it will be a distant memory. Love you 🙂

  4. Hi Cindy, I haven’t been here for a while, and I was caught by surprise to see your foot in a cast. I See I have a few posts to read in order to catch up… But answering your question: I have always cherished the “freedom within limits”. If you recognize the established limits, and obey, you are free to do whatever you want within them. It takes off so much of the stress of constantly challenging them and not knowing how far you can actually go.

  5. Hi There….I am sorry to hear about your broken foot. I had a 3 level ACDF on October 2nd. Basically they removed 3 discs and fused 4 vertabra together in my neck. I had to wear a hard collar for 6 weeks. I was allowed to sleep in the soft collar. When the 6 weeks were up I didn’t have to wear the hard collar anymore but I had to replace it with the soft one during the day and no collar at night. I was so excited to get to sleep without it. But I missed the security of it so much that i still find myself clinging to the comfort of demobilization. I can relate to your story. May your healing continue wonderfully!!

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