A Big Change

A couple of months ago I looked in the mirror and said, “I’m done.”  What I was “done” with was simple. Nothing big. But big enough for me to write a blog post about. I was done with my hair.  About a week or so ago I had a hair appointment and instead of getting blonde highlights, I got brown lowlights in two different shades. You see, I was a blonde when I was young. And because of that, I always felt like getting blonde highlights was the way to go. But I’m tired of the drastic difference between the blonde and my natural color. And friends, it is radical.  So, I did stage one with my amazing hair dresser, Ali. And you wanna know something crazy? I actually like it. I feel pretty good in my new color. At my next appointment, I will go a little bit darker to get back to my natural color.  Here are the before and after shots: So, if you see me out and wonder how some brunette looks just like me…now you’ll know it’s me.

3 thoughts on “A Big Change

  1. LOL you crack me up so much. It’s funny it must be the 40’s thing because I always get blonde highlights as well until this summer when the blonde just didn’t seem to to working anymore it’s too washed out. So I did similar to you and did 2 darker highlights freaked out it would look bad but I love it as well. Funny how we are with our hair. Maybe it’s our mid-life crisis. 🙂

  2. I love it!!! I did the exact same thing a few months ago…my blonde had somehow gotten lighter and lighter as time went on. The day I met you in Southlake was right after I had gotten my first lowlights and I honestly didn’t like it then. I’m getting used to it, but I have to say I liked my blonde better. But the difference between my blonde and my natural color was REALLY drastic so I have to stay darker. My hair is damaged from all the bleaching. Anyway, I think yours looks awesome!! 🙂

  3. I love the hair. I too have forgone the highlights and am now a brunette. I love it. Even with the grey that is becoming more and more appearant everyday. Can I blame Hope for them? LOL

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