What do you see?  Do you see an old Bible that needs to be disposed of? Or do you see a book that has been the anchor to a person’s life for decades? I guess it’s all in the way you see things, huh? That’s perspective. Share with me some perspective that has impacted you recently.

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Perspective…husband put into the hospital on August 26, 2012…spent a total of 25 days in hospital with a blood clot in his kidney vein. He still have the blood clot…read today, TODAY about two women (one with 5 children, one with 1 child) who’s husbands just died. My perspective…my husband is going to be on cumadin for the rest of his life. We will have to be careful of any cuts he might get…but he is alive. I want to crawl through the computer and help those other women…I want to let them know God Loves them…and that I promise NEVER to take my husband for granted, EVER EVER EVER!

  2. Hello Tamara,

    We almost have the same story my husband has a blood cloto in his legs to his lungs. He found out recently that he is 85% clear but still on a high dosage of the shot. I don’t take anyone for granted but we are now in the empty nest stage. We have fallen a apart from each other. I have lost so many jobs and now he is the bread winner. We went on a date last night and honesty it was very boring and it didn’t feel genuine at all. We are not intimate anymore.

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