This dude, and his awesome wife, is my friend. Meet Chris Spradlin. He was a campus pastor at LifeChurch.tv for years and now is doing a ministry for parents called EpicParent.tv. Y’all, Sprad, as most of us call him, is off the hook. He’s like the most intentional dad I know. Seriously, I learn something from his blog everyday. Would you like that, too? If so, sign up at his blog for the newsletter. He’s written a free eBook called Sex, Lust and XXX. Now, don’t freak out by the title. It’s very practical for our society. If you don’t think so, friend, you are not in touch with reality. One thing you’ll learn about Sprad is that he isn’t afraid to hit subjects that most are. You can download it here for free! Lastly, I’d like to tell you that Sprad is the real deal. He loves Jesus and loves his family. He is an exceptional person and man of God. And the boy can preach. So, have him come to your next event – you won’t be disappointed. Alright, the pimping is done. (You’re welcome, Sprad.)

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  1. Oh wow, I saw this in my FB feed (maybe by you?) and then liked the page and have been loving some of the stuff there but didn’t know to make the connection to LifeChurch.tv. Very cool!

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