From This Day Forward – Week 1

We are in a series at that is sure to be a game changer. I don’t have to tell y’all that marriages are falling apart daily. Just listen to your friends or read the Hollywood headlines. Heck, go to church and you’ll see it. Only many people will never let on that they need help. My pastor, Craig Groeschel, preached an OUTSTANDING message yesterday for the series’ first message. There were many things he shared that I believe were straight from the heart of God. He said that in this series we are going to learn five things to do in our marriage to make them amazing:

(1) Seek God, (2) Fight Fair, (3) Have Fun, (4) Stay Pure and (5) Never Give Up. 

There was a lot of great advice given about seeking God. But, the one challenge he gave to us was this: Pray together every day.  That’s it.  He said that when we pray together we are more likely to work through any fights because we know we’ll be praying together that day. He said that couples who pray together everyday are usually not going to head down to the courthouse to file divorce papers.  Nothing is full proof, but one statistic drove it home for me. According to Family Life ministries, 8% of Christian couples prayed together daily. And of those couples, only 1% of the marriages ended in divorce.  (I don’t have the exact location of stats – it was part of his message.) That is 99 to 1 odds that your marriage will last when you pray together. And that’s much better than the 50/50 chance you get when you don’t since we know that half of marriages usually end in divorce. Chris and I were challenged tremendously. We pray together but not nearly enough. So, today, August 5th was our first day to “pray together every day”. Our marriage is healthy and strong – think of how awesome it will be when we actually draw on the power of God TOGETHER every single day!!! My challenge to you: Pray with your spouse every day that you are able. (To watch the message, click HERE. It will be available to watch by tomorrow.)

3 thoughts on “From This Day Forward – Week 1

  1. Cool Gretchen that is so awesome. This is something my husband and I need to do more. We pray together way more then we ever have before but it’s not everyday. I look forward to hearing Craig’s sermon as well. 🙂

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