They Call Me Integrity Lady

I have the awesome privilege of being a part of a weekly Homeschool Coop called Ignite. Each Thursday during a normal school year, 30+ moms and a whole lot more children get together for a time of fellowship and learning. The moms teach the classes and man the nursery while the children attend the classes being taught. It’s really very awesome. We just had our last official day at Ignite and are breaking for the summer with the exception of weekly gatherings at parks and swimming pools. (I still don’t know what pool will fit all of us…there are more kids than I can count for we are a procreating bunch. Ahem.) During the year, I assisted with P.E. for our K-2nd graders. It was fun. Their all time favorite activity was dodgeball. One thing I noticed a while back was that if the teachers weren’t looking, the kids would act like they didn’t get hit and they would stay in the game. So, I asked the teacher, Kelsey, if I could give a little lesson on integrity.  I explained to the children what integrity was. I basically told them that even though we may not be paying attention to everything, that God was watching. I explained that having integrity meant that you do the right thing even if no one is watching. They seemed to get it and would even come up and say, “I did integrity today!” Too cute. One week I was gone from Ignite. One of the boys, Ben, came up to the other teacher, Nicole, and said, “Hey, where’s Integrity Lady?” He forgot my name but didn’t forget what I taught him. The next week when I returned, he said, “What’s up, Integrity Lady?!”  I love it. So, now at Ignite, I am known as Integrity Lady. And I just think that’s hilarious. I am curious about you, though. Who are you when no one is looking? Consider these scenarios: 1. You’re in a public restroom and you drop some paper towels on the floor. Do you pick them up or leave them for the cleaning crew? 2. It’s two o’clock in the morning and you are sitting at a red light. No one is in sight. Do you take off or wait patiently for the green light to appear? 3. The guy in front of you drops a twenty on the ground at an amusement park. Do you keep it or run after him to give it back? I guess my question for you today is…do you have it? Do you have integrity?

3 thoughts on “They Call Me Integrity Lady

  1. When faced with “integrity-testing” circumstances, I hear Craig Groeschel’s little voice in my head saying “Is your integrity really only worth _________?(fill in the blank- the extra couple of bucks in change you are given, or the $20 you find on the ground, etc.)

  2. I have integrity my sister and I once found $700 rolled up we turned it in and turned out it was a little old couple had lost it, I can’t remember what they needed the money for but something important. We were very poor we could have used this money but we returned it. I think we got $20 reward money, but even if we got nothing it felt so good to return it. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this story and I love it the kids call you ” integrity women.” 🙂

  3. Hello, I saw this when looking for Ignite info and was hoping you could give me a number for Ignite.
    We’ve moved here and homeschool, so wanted to check into some coops. My daughter will be a Junior next year.
    I went to their website but didn’t find a phone number and didn’t receive a reply.

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