Grateful Or Entitled?

According to Webster, if you are grateful, you are “appreciative of the benefits received”. The word entitlement means “belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges”. When you receive something, a gift, a compliment, an unexpected visit from a friend, do you find yourself grateful and even a bit undeserving of the love shown to you? Do you thank God for the gift of family and friends? Do you often think you’ve got an amazing life regardless of the circumstances around you? If this describes you, I would say you have a grateful heart. When you do not receive something that someone else has, do you get envious? Do you often utter the words, “I deserve that”? Do you find yourself always wanting, needing more? If you do, chances are, you might have an entitlement attitude. I have been walked in gratitude and entitlement in my life. When I put myself up against the perfect Son of God, I always walk in gratitude. When I measure my life against others and their successes/failures, I tend to walk with an entitled attitude.  Friends, we deserve one thing: Eternal separation from a perfect, holy God. But, if we know Christ and accept His work on the cross, we do not get what we deserve. We get mercy shown to us beyond measure! That fact alone should cause us to walk with a grateful heart. Time to chime in and give me your two cents. I gave you mine! Do you tend to live in gratitude or entitlement?  

3 thoughts on “Grateful Or Entitled?

  1. Thanks for writing this. I needed to hear this, this morning. I am going to start praying for gratitude, unfortunately I am stuck in entitlement. I know you get up every morning and thank God for 10 things in your life. I need to start doing the same. Even when things look grim or bad I need to always remember how much gratitude God has given me in my life. Thanks Cindy this is a really good word. 🙂

  2. I tell myself I have a grateful heart and I know I do sometimes. But if I’m to be honest with myself and God, I think I’d have to say I swing between the two too often. It’s part of the pride issue God is working on with me. As soon as I asked God to reveal and root out any pride in me, suddenly He revealed MANY places where pride rears its ugly head in my life and I was totally unaware that I had a problem with pride. Be careful what you ask for! 🙂

    Thanks for this honest look at something I think our culture struggles more with now than ever before.

  3. Some days I look back at my life and the course I was on and I’m in awe and gratitude to God for saving me, for each new day, for making me into a new person. But other days I look around and I praise myself for where I am at – especially career wise and for the characters (good ones only of course) of my daughter. Recently when I was reading Deuteronomy I was astounded by the people’s lack of gratitude. I was astounded at how they forgot God and thought they had done these things on their own. Immediately after thinking these thoughts God brought to my mind how often I give myself credit for where I am today without praising God. It makes me smile to know God loves us so much He gently nudges us to see Him more and ourselves less.

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