Why We Home School Our Boys

We just spent the last two weeks moving out of one home and into another. And let me tell you how convenient it was with our sons since we homeschool them. VERY CONVENIENT. (They are strong boys, too!) When our oldest son was preschool age, I thought I would homeschool him. Makes sense to me. I have a college education that declares me a “professional” in the area of educating a child. I can surely teach my son with a blindfold on and my hands tied behind my back. Then, I delivered my youngest son five years later and I began to wonder when I would ever have a moment to myself as I was raising a five-year old and an infant. The homeschooling idea, it got nixed. I was a freaking out mother. Nuff said. My oldest son went to public school for years and my youngest attended for a couple of years. We had wonderful experiences at our school with some amazing teachers. Both boys met some terrific kids and still have some of those friendships today. But, as good as those experiences were, there were two thoughts that we could not get out of our heads in regards to our boys: Time and influence. Because my husband is a pastor, he obviously works weekends. Not just Sundays, but Saturdays, too. He works Monday thru Thursday, as well, but has the flexibility to come home early on those days if his schedule allows. His only full day off is Friday. The boys’ school schedules were intense from Monday thru Friday…school all day, homework after that and an early bedtime to get ready to do it again. Their two days to relax and unwind were Saturdays and Sundays. This schedule didn’t leave much family time for us. It was taking its toll on us. Something had to give. Gradually, God began to change my heart towards homeschooling them. And on my 40th birthday in 2010, I told Chris I was ready to take the plunge and do it. The last day of their public school was heartwrenching for me. They were fine, but me? A blubbering idiot doing her best to get into the car before anyone saw the crazy soon-to-be homeschooling mother. Good grief, what for? Just the end of an era, I suppose. And I didn’t want any of their teachers or principals to think they weren’t doing a good job. They were doing a fine job, it’s just that Chris and I knew this was the direction we were supposed to take. It has not been an easy road. There are days when the big, yellow bus drives in my neighborhood and it takes every bit of constraint for me not to run after it and bribe the bus driver to just “take them on a ride for an hour, please” because they are getting on my ever-lovin’ nerves. But, I don’t, you’ll be happy to know. I don’t think everyone should homeschool their children. All families and children are different. Quite frankly, I usually keep this information to myself because I really don’t care how other families choose to educate their children. Seek the Lord and He will guide you. But, I know some of you have thought about it. So, allow me to share some of my thoughts with you. 1. When they are in college or married or doing their own thing, I never want to have the thought, “I didn’t get enough time with them.” 2. The more I’m with them, the more I want to be with them. 3. Chris and I get the opportunity to introduce them to the world in our time and in a manner we feel they can handle. We don’t shelter them from it but are there when they are exposed to things and can walk them through it. 4. Life is school. They are learning not only academics, but also loving Jesus with their whole being and great life skills. We are training them to succeed in life and to walk wholeheartedly with Jesus. 5. They get to move from lesson to lesson and not have to wait on a classroom full of students to move forward. (As a teacher, I LOVE THIS!) Again, I don’t really care how people educate their children. It don’t look down upon anyone for not doing it my way. Quite frankly, I have enough concerns of my own with my own children…why in the world am I going to worry about how you do it? There’s so much freedom in thinking this way, if you ask me. You are a grown-up and a parent. You are smart enough to decide what suits your family. People always ask why we homeschool. Now you know ♥

7 thoughts on “Why We Home School Our Boys

  1. We started home schooling 10 years ago. I still run into people that question the decision we have made, but you hit on many of the reasons that we have chosen this path. Allowing the boys to focus on subjects where they have a stronger interest (like music, drama, robotics, etc) has also started to come into the picture as they have gotten older.

    Every person should pray before making a decision – and where, when and how to school the children should not be an exception. We pray about it every year and then follow the leading that we receive. Sometimes it is hard. Sometimes it is frustrating. Sometimes it eats all of my free time. There are costs to ever decision. Count the costs and then step out with boldness!

  2. Cindy – Thank you for sharing with openness & honestly (as you always do!:) I am currently homeschooling my children. It wasn’t as much out of choice as it was necessity due to the public schools in our area. I was a single Mom for 6 years and once I met my husband, quite frankly I was ready for some “me” time! However, that time has not come yet, and I see the Lord turning my heart back towards my children and bringing some much missed/needed bonding! It has been a struggle.. sometimes DAILY, but it has been GOOD! The Lord is faithful to direct us (through circumstances if needed) to do what is best for HIS family. There is a cost… but I can already see some of the fruits of the reward!

  3. Homeschooling is awesome I don’t have children but have known many families who home school their children and it’s awesome. A big homeschooling community is in Asheville, NC and I find Universities will take a child who has been home schooled first over public school children. There is such a huge support for it now. So glad you shared this. I would have home schooled if we had children. 🙂
    So glad your back I missed your blogs.

  4. I’m glad you all got moved and you had the help of your children!! Sounds like homeschooling fits perfectly the life situation God has given to your family. Enjoy! God’s place is always better than our own.

  5. I love reading about why other people choose to homeschool. I didn’t homeschool my boys (24, 22, and 18 now), but I do my daughter who is 10. We have been homeschooling for 3 years and I love it. She loves it too. She spent kinder through 2nd grade in public school, and while that was okay, we decided we didn’t like the influence she was getting there. So we started homeschooling in 3rd grade and she’s now in 5th. I love everything about it and have not regretted it one second. And I love that she agrees! Thanks for sharing your story with us. 🙂

  6. Get it, girl! So glad to hear about your journey. The part that made me laugh out loud:

    “There are days when the big, yellow bus drives in my neighborhood and it takes every bit of constraint for me not to run after it and bribe the bus driver to just “take them on a ride for an hour, please” because they are getting on my ever-lovin’ nerves.”

    We call that the Great Yellow Bus of Freedom around these parts. 😉 It will always be a temptation, but stay the course. I am sure you are doing a bang up job!

  7. Cindy: We attend the OKC campus of LC. I was so excited to see this blog post as I decided last year to homeschool my son for kindergarten because I didn’t want him spending 7-8 hours a day learning from another teacher and other kids at such a tender and vulnerable age. My husband and I wanted to control the “time and influence”, like you said. It has been the best decision we’ve made! Not totally easy, mind you, but a great thing for our family. I’m going to HS him for first grade next year, and I’m sort of at a loss as to what curriculums to use and, a very important concern: how to make sure he has time with peers. We don’t know any other homeschoolers his age (first grade). I was wondering if you have any insight into this or even if you personally know any homeschoolers that are around his age. I’d really like to form a core-group of believers that homeschool and are his age. I also have a little girl about to start pre-K and a 10 month old. Just thought you might know of a group or some other nice, fun, hip homeschooling mamas such as yourself that i could learn from! thanks in advance!

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