One of the greatest things about Social Media is that I have gotten to “meet” some great people. Of those great people are Justin and Trisha Davis.
Justin and Trisha have a similar story to Chris’ and mine and have lived to tell about it. Not only lived, but are now in a healthy, thriving marriage while ministering again at Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee. They are using their past to help change people’s future.
They have a great website called Refine Us. They are all about “Restoring Hope and Renewing Relationships”. They do marriage retreats and offer coaching as well. You can also read their eBook entitled, 8 Things That Destroyed Our Marriage for FREE!!!
I encourage you to check out their site. I know you’ll be encouraged!

5 thoughts on “RefineUs.Org

  1. I have been following this couple on Twitter for a while, so love their stuff. I look forward to reading their 8 things that destroy marriage. I plan on sharing it with my friends. We are need to be aware and protect our marriages. Justin and Trisha thanks for all you do for others. You guys ROCK!!!!!

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  3. We need books or resources for my husband. He also had an affair. It’s only been two months since truth came out.
    I am dealing with it as best as I can, with God by my side. But my husband also needs help. Thank you.
    This marriage will last this trial!

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