Stories To Inspire…Encourage…Comfort…Bring Hope

A couple of months ago I highlighted some stories about infidelity. Some of the spouses are years into their healing while other have only known for a very short time. If you missed out on these stories, I encourage you to read them, encourage them and pray for them. Here are their stories: It’s My Story: Gina* It’s My Story: Hailey It’s My Story: Michelle It’s My Story: Brandy It’s My Story: Gretchen It’s My Story: Jenni It’s My Story: Kim It’s My Story: Sarah It’s My Story: Marty It’s My Story: Sara It’s My Story: Steven* It’s My Story: BJ It’s My Story: Lesley

5 thoughts on “Stories To Inspire…Encourage…Comfort…Bring Hope

  1. These stories were so encouraging I enjoyed them,some of them are hard to read. God will use each of your stories to help others. I am praying for each of you. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Praying in 2012 God will use each one of these stories for His glory.

  2. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers and I will continue to pray as well. God is so good and sometimes I have to remember All things are for God’s glory; Nothing is impossible without Him.

  3. Cindy & Chris, thank you for sharing your experience with others. It’s been a source of hope for my broken marriage. I was a 40 year old bride in 2008, and never trusted any man completely. But Dave was different, he loved The Lord and I craved a spiritual future as I was never exposed to it. Today is the 2 month anniversary of discovering my Christian faithful husband was having 2 affairs. #1 was a with a female vendor that lived 10 hours away and the affair was via email and FaceTime over many months in 2012. #2 was a random women he met in a bar while traveling in Minnesota on business and this one he told he loved and was actively interviewing for new jobs in Minnesota. My discovery of #1 was while he was in MN as I thought visiting his son. When I called and asked about her he said his life was over and hung up. The next morning I discovered that there was a #2 woman and that he loved this woman and she was in his hotel room when I confronted him on #1. My sad story continues, I learned that he and his partners hired #1 and moved her the 10 hour journey to be inside sales support. During our counseling and discussions about repairing our marriage, I have asked about the future of #1 as a coworker. I have learned that my question have not been direct enough and that I haven’t waited for a plan of action to be established. He and his partners up to this point have no intention of adjusting her 4 month old position, and the primary responsibility is falling on my husbands shoulders to care for matters. My husband started this company 26 years ago and is a partner. Even though we are trying to move past this huge betrayal by submerging ourselves into His word and joining a Journey Group at our church, Monday afternoons are very tough as I know he has interacted with the woman he master bated with via FaceTime many times. Am I wrong to take a stand that this proximity of closeness with this woman must cease at all costs to our family? He knows how this hurts me so he now deletes the sent and received emails from her, however on average there are 15 business emails a day between the two of them. On Friday night I came home a bit early to surprise my husband, he was surprised and we were planning for a fun evening out when his phone rang, it was his office. He answered and it was her, the call was all business. I am so disgusted that my husband has betrayed our marriage so badly and taken away my gift of trust and threw it away because his esteem was low! I am actively seeking a Christian woman that can help me with these daily challenges of mourning, pain, forgiveness, stepping into God for strength and for a softer more understanding heart.

  4. It has been exactly 6 weeks since I found out about my husbands affair with a family friend. Devastated is an understatement. I am just now finding out just how many of us there are. It is a brutal truth, but I am thankful for and encouraged by those who have gone before me successfully and by those who are still deeply suffering alongside my own journey. I know God is our Redeemer and Healer. He has been my utmost strength and comfort. I am hopeful.
    I have also started my own blog, originally just to process my own journey; but I see the value of sharing our stories and walking alongside one another so I welcome you to visit my blog and we can walk this journey together. We are not alone.

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