It’s My Story: Lesley

Today’s story is worth a read. Lesley is her name and she is married to Mike. In 2008 Lesley found the proof that she didn’t want to find: Mike had been having affairs. Lesley wanted her marriage to work, but the pain was too intense. She asked Mike to leave and in the wake of her own pain, Lesley was unfaithful to Mike.¬†One might think nothing in the world could redeem that kind of situation. Not so fast, my friend. Let’s not forget our amazing Redeemer, Comforter, Creator and Miracle-Working God. He specializes in the forbidden and impossible. An amazing writer wrote about Lesley and Mike’s marriage story and did just an outstanding job. Instead of trying to tell you in my own words, I’d love for you to take the time to read hers. You can read it by clicking HERE!

4 thoughts on “It’s My Story: Lesley

  1. It is an honor to personally know and love Mike and Lesley. Their journey of redemption has had a huge impact in my very own marriage and journey of healing and restoration. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I was able to read the whole story this morning. Wow. It is such a blessing to see that God works in ALL circumstances. It gives me hope in my marriage and reminds me that all things are possible with God. Thank you again for sharing these stories Cindy. Thank you Lesley and Mike for your transparency.

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