Marriage Today Taping!

I first heard Jimmy Evans speak back in 2008. Chris and I were at a conference at Gateway Church and he was one of the speakers. Loved him. LOVED HIM. Pastor Jimmy is the senior pastor/elder of Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo, Texas, and has been there since he was 29 years old. Not only that, but he has been married to his wife, Karen, for 39 years. They openly share that they haven’t had a perfect marriage. (Who has?) But, instead of allowing their struggles to victimize them, they have instead shared their journey in many resources and on their TV show called Marriage Today Today, Chris and I have the opportunity to sit down with Jimmy and Karen and share our story. We are so very thrilled that they asked us to be on their show! We aren’t sure when it will air so stay tuned to my “Media/Events” page for updates. Have a great day!   

2 thoughts on “Marriage Today Taping!

  1. Just want you guys to know know that I believe in you! so excited and proud of God’s strength in you during those dark days! God is truly using you guys to transform marriages! You guys have been such an inspiration to Jodie and I!!

  2. You are amazing and an example. Just saw a taping of you guys on Marriage Today. God bless you Cindy. Chris is blessed to have you. You are both blessed.

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