Life Today Taping!

Chris and I have enjoyed watching James and Betty Robison on Life Today. We just love the interaction they have with their guests and have often thought it would be awesome to sit down and visit with them over coffee. But instead of coffee, we get to have dinner with them tomorrow night before we tape on their show!  I KNOW! Not only that but I was told that we had “make-up” between dinner and the taping. Oh my word, what does that mean? Do I come with my make-up on? Do I leave it off and go au-natural?  If you aren’t familiar with Life Today, I think you’d be blessed to see their shows. My very favorite Bible teacher, Beth Moore, is often taping on it. And I know you won’t be disappointed by that. So check out their website today! I’m not sure when our show will air so stay tuned to the “Media/Events” page on my website for updates. Have a great day!

14 thoughts on “Life Today Taping!

  1. Awesome love that show as I watch Beth Moore on there as well. Cannot wait to hear the broadcast. Been learning so much from all your broadcasts. Praying!!!!!

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  3. I can’t wait to see the show! I no longer have cable/satalite TV and of all the channels I miss getting, are INSP and TBN. I used to love watching James and Betty! Hoping to be able to catch yours online. Oh, and Beth Moore? Love her!

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