10K Training Update – Week 6

Redbud Almost there, baby! It’s been a great training so far. I am scheduled to run 5 miles tomorrow with my running partner. I am anxious to see how this feels for these old bones. I have found that once I hit 3.5 miles, my joints start to ache. In fact, this week I have been feeling a lot of knee pain. I am trying to rest as much as possible but my right knee really hurts. My cardios are strong, but my body feels it. So we shall see! I want you all to take my advice with a grain of salt because I am no expert. The only expertise I have is on my experience. And for me, keeping my pace steady is key. The first .6 of a mile is tough because I’m trying to get my breathing right. But once I cross over that hump, I set my pace. I ran in a 5K last September and kept my pace the entire time. There were people around me who would speed up and then slow down and speed up and slow down. I found that even though they’d pass me when they sped up, I eventually passed them up when they slowed down. It’s not easy on the ego being passed up but I have to remember this race is for me. I am trying to have my best personal runs. My taking on these races is for me. So, do you set a pace for yourself?

2 thoughts on “10K Training Update – Week 6

  1. Cindy, I am encouraged by your training. Praying for your body to hold together as you push forward toward the goal. You go girl!

  2. Cindy,
    Great job with your 10k training! I’m training for my 5th marathon in OKC and will be volunteering (and cheering!) at the Redbud this year. I love seeing non-runners fall in love with running just like I did, it’s such a wonderful feeling to cross the finish line. If your knee is bothering you, you might consider checking out whether you have the correct shoes for your body and running style. I had a lot of knee problems when I trained for my first marathon and found that I had the wrong shoes. Luckily I have been mostly free of knee problems since then. Good luck with your training and I know you’ll do great at Redbud!

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