Noah – 2.26.99

IMG_4056“The days are long but the years are short,” I’ve heard it said to describe parenting. #mercyandgrace, ain’t that the truth. As a new mom, I remember dreaming about the 8:00 bedtime in order to regroup for the next day of raising little people who would cry and laugh within the same minute which would potentially make me cry and laugh within the same minute.

Those were some long days.

But then those crazy, erratic terrible two-year olds became five-year olds that you could actually carry on a conversation with and you started to enjoy your days. And then the ten-year old entered and he was helpful and sweet and still thought you were the cat’s meow but wanted you to take him to the park a lot and do all sorts of things ALL THE TIME and while you were tired, you did it anyway.

Those were some long days.

Then he turned 12 and pushed you away because he wanted to become a man and well, he wasn’t gonna learn to become a man from his momma, now was he? He decided he was smarter than his parents and copped an attitude once or 37 times a day for about 1,000 days. He rolled his eyes at you more than dice gets rolled in Vegas. He didn’t understand why he “couldn’t just do what everyone else his age was doing” because mom “I just wanted to have some fun.” 

Those were some long days.

But he came back to me about four months ago. I don’t know what triggered his return or even the day it happened, but it happened. He stopped being so annoyed with me. Maybe he grew up some. Maybe I stopped being so annoying. Yay me.

He’s 16 today.










Noah guitar










And these 16 years have been the shortest years of my life.

In many ways I have waited for this day to arrive. For it’s very entrance into my life means that I will save a ton of gas, have less miles to drive every week and not clock nearly as many hours in my Toyota. Because he won’t need me to take him to church or to work or to meet up with some friends at the movie theater.

And while I’ll have more hours to myself and less chauffeuring, I will miss out on those conversations that we had. Sometimes heated ones, sometimes not. I will ache for the spiritual conversations that happened during the 18 minute trek to the mall where he worked and the 13 minute jaunt to our campus. I will long for the updates on how Switch was that night. I’ll miss the loudness of the music even though I tell him “turn it down because I am old” pretty much every time he turns over the ignition.

But this new season, this new place in life for him is good. He is growing up and doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. He’s becoming a man right in front of my very own eyes. And while it’s an amazing thing to watch, the wing spreading, it is not easy for this momma’s heart who prayed for this child to enter her womb for 4 years. Not easy at all.

These last 16 years have been tremendous. He has grown. I have grown. It has been so good. And ya wanna know the thing I’m excited about now? 

Waiting to see how God is going to use him in this world. Because I have no doubt that Noah Christopher Beall is becoming exactly who God wants him to become.

Radiant Conference 2015


I am so totally pumped for the Radiant Conference this weekend. It starts Thursday night, February 26th and ends Saturday afternoon, February 28th. I get to hear some of the best speakers there are on the Christian stage these days. THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

Oh, and I get to speak, too. Ha! I’m excited but truly, more excited to just be there as an attender.

Did I mention it’s in my hometown as well? Indeed it is.


Stand Firm

2 cor. 1-21

Do you ever have a hard time staying the course for Christ? Do you ever feel like you are losing more ground than you are gaining? Do you struggle to STAND FIRM in a world that seems to change all the time?

Yeah, sometimes I do, too.

It dawned on me just recently that our ability to stand firm for Christ is completely dependent upon God. Yet so many Christ-Followers try to go about it alone. The world says Jesus is our crutch.

Uh, yeah. He pretty much is. This verse proves that. Without Him, we cannot stand firm. We will waver and lose ground and feel defeated.

In order to receive the power to stand firm in Christ, we must realize that we need it. Then, we have to yield our lives to Him. For when we do, He freely deposits his power into our lives so that we can then, STAND FIRM.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

I pray that you and I can daily surrender to Christ and trust Him to give us the strength toSTAND FIRM. His Word is the place of ultimate strength and when we dive into it, meditating on it day and night, committing it to memory and claiming its promises, we will STAND FIRM.

This, But Definitely Not That


January 27, 2015, was a good journaling day for me. In fact, I have gone back to it over the last couple of weeks.

I happened upon two verses from the 4th chapter of 2 Corinthians. These are some power-packed verses that identify with where we are and at the same time tell us where we are not. 

The Apostle Paul writes:

We are pressed on every side by our troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not drive to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are never destroyed. 

Now that is a good word. A very good word.

Sometimes in life it just feels like we are crushed, in despair, abandoned and destroyed.


The times we are hard pressed on every side help us to see what’s inside of us. 
The times we are perplexed call us to lean on the wisdom of others.
The times we are hunted down by sin and the enemy help us to see His hand.
The times we get knocked down we find our strength in Him to get back up.

Friend, you are not done. 

Don’t mistake hard days as times where you decide it’s time to throw in the towel.
Don’t mistake confusing days as days where you forsake all you’ve know because you don’t understand something now.
Don’t mistake an all-out assault on your heart and mind for the peace that is still yours because of the presence of Jesus.
Don’t mistake a punch or pile drive to the ground to make you think you should call it quits.

Friend, you are not done.

Get back up and don’t let that setback trip you up. It may have been a temporal setback but I promise, it was just a setup for great things to come.

Claim the promise these two verses provide.

Are you pressed, perplexed, hunted down and knocked down?


But you are not crushed. You are not in despair. You are never abandoned. And you are most certainly never destroyed.

Claim it. Live it. 


Are You A Grumbler?


Everything, Cindy?

Yeah. Everything. (Don’t shoot the messenger, k?)

I know, I know. 

I really do know. It’s so much easier to grumble and complain than it is to sit quietly and let it go. You have no idea just how much I know that.

But, I’m supposed to help you along this journey with Christ because well, you came to my site and so I’ll assume you want to know what I’m saying.

I recently read a quote by Joyce Meyer that kicked me in the rump. Like real hard. I was a bit dazed but I was not confused. I was absolutely, 100% convicted. She said:

When we complain about our current situation, we remain in it. When we praise God in the midst of difficulty, He raises us out of it.

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Think about it. The times you wallowed in self-pity and had a complaining spirit within you, nothing changed. Not one single thing changed. But the times you chose to see your issue in light of eternity, you were able to have some perspective that helped you step out of the funk you were in.


Here’s my challenge to you: The moment you want to complain about what is happening in your life, instead, choose to praise God for what He has done in your life and allow His Spirit to shift your focus to the good that is in front of you instead of on what you don’t have or can’t get.

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