Consider Him

Heb 12-3We are to consider, to think carefully about Jesus dying on the cross and all He went through. For when we do this, our own struggles will seem light and almost non-existent. Not only that, but it will help us not get overly sad, hurt or frustrated. It will keep us from feeling defeated.

This verse literally leapt off the page at me. We are to consider (to think about carefully and thoughtfully) Jesus and what He went through for us. In the middle of the mundane activities of life that often frustrate us or smack dab in the midst of a ferocious personal storm, we are to consider His sacrifice for us. It was a giant, incalculable one that when compared with our present sufferings, great or small, will always be the trump card.

For when we do this, when we consider the cross of Christ and His death for our earthly abundant life and eternity, it will be very difficult to grow weary and lose heart.

Thankfully, we have a God who knows we hurt and is still very near to the broken hearted, counting tears and providing shelter as a strong tower, to those of us who follow Him.

May we always remember Christ’s sacrifice. May we always honor it. May we always consider it.

Full Of Grace

Col. 4-6Paul is exhorting us to be mindful of the words we speak. They are to be gracious toward and about everyone. They should also be salty, as if to leave the listener longing for more and not in a gossipy manner. When we do that, it seems like we will know how to answer any person who crosses our path.

Full of grace.

Grace is something we don’t deserve, but we desperately desire. It’s something that we don’t always give but always want given to us. I strive to keep this in mind. Many don’t want to extend grace, but often want to teach lessons to people. Funny. God never told us to get back at anyone. He says to be gracious. Why?

Because He didn’t get back at us.

Our words should also be salty, leaving the listener thirsty for more of what we have to say. Do my words have an attractiveness about them? Not always. May that change today.

May the Holy Spirit of God help us see where we are failing in this area. May he give us the resolve and ability to change our words. For in merely changing our words, we could change someone’s life.

Shut Yo Mouth!

Woman With Hand Over Her MouthIf you don’t want to experience the conviction of the Holy Spirit about the things that come out of your mouth, don’t read Proverbs. 

You’ve been warned.

I read through the Old Testament book of Proverbs a couple of times a year. It is jam packed with so much wisdom and insight. Which I why I read through it every year. 

Over the past two weeks, I’ve come across the following verses:

Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut. Proverbs 10:19

Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24

Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything. Proverbs 13:3

A gossip goes around telling secrets, but those who are trustworthy can keep a confidence. Proverbs 11:13

Need I go on? Because there are plenty.

I talk a lot. Wish I didn’t. I think about not talking a lot and then I go somewhere and people are like, “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you saying anything?” I tell them I’m just trying to talk less and they look at me with weird eyes hoping this phase in my life will be over soon.

Guess they like my words.

Whether or not I stop talking so much isn’t the issue. I must choose to quit gratifying my flesh with less than godly speech. I do it often all in the name of “being myself.” But I’m tired of myself being the self I don’t want it to be anymore. I want myself to be a self who has a pure heart which in turn leads to pure desires and pure speech.

So, I’m committing Ephesians 4:29 to memory AGAIN and will speak it throughout the day. Everyday.

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Care to join me?


Pain = Gain

absI enjoy growth. Umm, let me rephrase.

I enjoy the results of growth. 

There, that’s better. I honestly cannot remember a single time where I have enjoyed the growth process. Case in point.

I have a personal trainer named Michael. I love him, and I hate him all at the same time. I appreciate his memory when my mind is frazzled, when I can’t remember if I go to lunges or the Bosu ball next. I appreciate him when my jeans slide on easier and when the bottom part of my upper arm doesn’t keep jiggling after I’ve stopped waving at someone. 

But, right now, I do not like him because I am in pain from my neck to the top of my thighs. Why you ask? Because dear, sweet Michael demolished my core three days ago in my afternoon workout. It hurts to sneeze. It hurts to sit down and stand back up. It hurts to do almost everything.

But this isn’t about personal training. This is about growth in our spiritual lives. 

Having a “teachable spirit” allows growth. For one to be teachable means she is able and willing to learn…that she is capable of being taught…that she allows something to be taught or learned easily.

So, are you able to learn? Willing to learn? Do you see that you need to grow in certain areas? Are you willing to allow God to use the tool of His choice to teach you the lessons He wants you to learn? Do you find yourself rejecting new ideas at every turn because you simply just don’t want to work that hard?

Anything worth having takes effort.

I’m willing to endure the brutal workouts that Michael puts together for me because I want a healthy temple where the Holy Spirit resides. Spiritually, I’m willing to examine my heart and let God change me from the inside out so that I’m never complacent in my walk with Him.

Often times we think that someone younger than us or less experienced that us or not as spiritual as us can’t teach us. Think again. God will use whomever He wants, whenever He wants, with whatever tool He chooses to teach us to become more like His Son. 

He loves us that much.

Living Above Mediocrity

earYou know that Voice.

The quiet one. The power-packed one that doesn’t yell but simply is there. The one that can make you shout in triumph and the one that can bring you to your knees. That voice is the voice of the Holy Spirit.

It’s not the norm and often calls you to live above the level of mediocrity. It’s not obnoxious like all the other ones screaming for your attention. You know the ones…pride, insecurity, entitlement, the “gotta make my point” voice.

I don’t do everything right. The words “I’m sorry” and “please forgive me” exit my lips regularly. Like almost everyday regularly. I don’t want to sin. I don’t want to hurt others with my words or attitudes. But sometimes I do.

Guessing you do, too?

Sometimes that Voice is the clearest one and I know it when I hear it. Other times it’s much more obscure and I wonder, “Is this the Holy Spirit or something I had for dinner?” 

I hear the voice when I post on Twitter and Instagram. It asks if what I’m about to declare to the world (or my few thousand followers) is necessary or uplifting or inappropriate. I’ve had a post ready to go on social media and then out of nowhere there is a hesitation that begs the question, “Should I post?” And the moment I hear that voice and wonder if God is suggesting an alternate post or an all out abandonment at the moment, I simply don’t do it. 

Because I know the Voice is right. 

Or when I’m in a crowd and there is this desire welling up in me to make a joke, possibly at another’s expense, and I hear the Voice simply, but profoundly say, “Stop.” I stop. And I ask no questions or stomp my feet asking Him why. 

Because I know the Voice is right.

And because I know the discomfort, embarrassment, and the simple feeling of “ugh” when I haven’t listened to the Voice. The Holy Spirit of God calls for excellence and godliness but He is so full of grace and mercy. 

Do you know that Voice? It’s pretty simple, really. You have to spend time with your Heavenly Father, bathing your soul with the Truth of His Word. And the more you spend time with Him, the more you know Him. The more you know Him, them more you will recognize His voice when He speaks.

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