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Rescue A Baby With Me


Wanna save some babies with me? If you’re like me, you want to give to where there is a need and you want to make a difference. Well, here’s an opportunity for you to do just that. What greater way to make a difference than in the life of a child.

World Help is a humanitarian organization that I can personally vouch for. The Vice President, Noel Yeatts, is a personal friend of mine and what they are doing with local partners on the ground in other countries is amazing. So, if you’re wondering if this is legit, it is.

Join me in contributing to make a difference today. Whether it’s $500 or $25. Everything makes a difference

Go to this link and watch the video. http://bit.ly/LALIbabyrescue (Oh, and grab a tissue.) 

When Doors Get Shut

doorYou know what’s funny? The fact that I have a song playing in my head at any given time of the day and then also with any given situation. Like right now as I’m writing this post, I’m singing, “When God closes a door, He opens a window, a window. He opens a window so I can see-eeeeee.”

(I know. Gobs amount of cheese on that song.)

It’s not cheesy because God doesn’t give and remove opportunities because he clearly does. 

I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve lived it.

Closed doors on dreams, desires, callings, relationships, you name it, are hard. There is nothing about being rejected for something, for anything that feels good. 

But I’ve made some progress in the area of having doors closed, opportunities removed, desires set aside. That progress has been monumental for me in my personal growth. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel the sting of rejection. It just means I see something bigger behind it. I don’t always know what I’m seeing, but I know there is something out there, near the horizon, out of my present reach. Almost like a shadow of something familiar yet still vague.

The Bible says that God has “good plans for us…plans to give us a hope and a future…” according to Jeremiah 29:11. We can also read that God wants to give us “an abundant life…a full life” in the 10th chapter of the book of John. 

I believe God’s Word to be absolutely true despite the fact that I don’t understand everything in it. I have learned along the way, somewhere in my 44 years on this earth, that I will never understand all the ways of God or why many things happen. I don’t have to. If I had to know, then where does faith come in?

Because God’s Word is true, I know He has good plans for me. He has an abundant life for me. And when I surrender my plans, place them on the altar of sacrifice, God always comes in and gives me more than I could have ever asked for. You see, what I’ve come to peace with is this: If what I want is not God’s best, then I don’t want it. 

Not one single bit.

Ten years ago, maybe even five years ago I would have begged and pleaded with God to “give me the desires of my heart” but not now. Yes, I have dreams and goals and plans and I ask God to make those happen. But I also have this understanding with God, if you will, where He knows that I don’t want what Cindy Beall deems as an abundant life. 

I want what He deems as an abundant life.

And you just can’t put a price tag on that.

Construction Zone

This post was written by one of my dearest friends, Christi Donaldson. It really spoke to me and I thought I might do the same for you.


My Pastor posted this picture on Instagram about a month ago. Isn’t it stunning? Our Oklahoma sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking sometimes. As I examined the picture more closely, I noticed the construction happening down below. Don’t we have beautiful red dirt? ;) Our church is adding some space for more offices. It struck me how this is a complete picture of our everyday lives.

You see, God’s got it under control. He’s majestic. He’s calming. He is peace. He is perfect. When we see a glimpse of Him, it’s hard to take our eyes off of Him. We, on the other hand, are quite the opposite of perfect. In fact, most of the time, I’m a mess. I’m stressed, or I’m frazzled. I’m definitely a constant work in progress, because in reality, I want to have it all together but I just don’t.

Our life is a construction zone, friends. It’s messy. You can not see the finished product through all the tape, wire, and holes. A foundation is being laid. God is at work. He is shaping us. He has the floor plan. He knows what He is making. Instead of looking around at our chaos, we need to look up. Look at His beauty. Embrace His strength. Reach out for His glory. As we focus on the sunrises, the new beginning of each day, we will soon forget about our mess. We will trust in His plan.

Look up! Seek Him and I promise you will continue to grow and be refined. He is at work in you. He promises to bring the good work of you to completion. Embrace the friction. Embrace the construction.  You will be stronger and wiser because of it.

Philippians 1:6 (NIV) being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus

Isaiah 64:8 (NIV) Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.



Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. John 15:4 (NIV)

keep-calm-and-abide-8I read some really good stuff in my YouVersion reading plan this morning. The plan is called Holy Emotions and man, is it powerful. SO good. 

The author of the plan, Carol McLeod of Just Joy Ministries, suggested John 15 as the reading for the day. After reading it, her first two sentences in the devotional part simply said this:

God has an anecdote for weariness; He has prescribed “abiding” for your tired and exhausted soul. The spiritual opposite for weariness is the simplicity of abiding in Christ.


I thought so, too.

McLeod also goes on to say that we are to remain in constant, unbroken fellowship with Christ, build a life around His presence, make His presence our home, allow Christ to whisper in our ears a plan for each day, continually fill ourselves with the manna of His Word and refresh ourselves in the cool stream of worship.


I am just beside myself about this.


I love what she shared. I was challenged by what she shared. I’m encouraged by what she shared. I’m hopeful about what she shared.

I wanted to dive into this even more, so I did. I looked up abide in my online Webster dictionary and here’s what I found out about the word abide:

- To stay or live somewhere
- To remain or continue
- To wait for
- To endure without yielding
- To withstand
- To continue in a place
- To sojourn
- To stay
- To dwell
- To hang around
- To remain
- To stick around

My challenge to you today and EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY DAY is to abide. Don’t fret, I’m doing the same. Take some time with these definitions and really allow the Spirit of God to speak to you. 

Let’s abide together.

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